AviZodi’s Pledge to Give Back to the Community

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As we grow our Black Woman Owned and Operated brand, AviZodi, it is vitally important that we give back to the community that has given to us.  Therefore, as a company, AviZodi has committed to donating a portion of its profits towards efforts that support social justice reform.

We pledge to invest in social justice because we believe we can create a society that thrives on fairness and equal access for all. Everyone should care about social justice and we encourage you to join us as we do our part to make this world a better place for our children, our children’s’ children, and beyond. 


2020: October/November/December

Black Lives Matter

"Black Lives Matter was founded in the wake of Trayvon Martin's murder back in 2013, and has been fighting for structural, community-based change ever since, advocating for an end to the violence and injustice inflicted on Black people in the US."


We are proud to support the Black Lives Matter movement and believe that we can all make a difference if we support each other to bring about change.

Equal Justice Initiative (EJI)
“EJI is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the U.S., challenging racial and economic injustice, and protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.”


We support the EJI because our donation will help the important cause of social justice reform which we care very much about. We salute the EJI in their efforts to protect basic human rights.

Feeding America
“The U.S.'s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, it is comprised of a network of more than 200 food banks around the country and feeds more than 46 million people each year.”


We support Feeding America because our donation will help the important cause of feeding people in need. This pandemic environment has caused an increase in the need for hunger-relief efforts and we are proud to contribute to this important cause.

2020: July/August/September

Howard University

“Howard University‘s tradition of providing a first-class education for people of diverse backgrounds dates back to its founding in 1867 when the institution began to prepare leaders to address some of the most urgent needs of our nation and beyond. When you give to Howard, you have the power to contribute to research that saves lives, graduates who become leaders in their professions, and policies and programs that have and will better communities on every continent of the globe."

We support Howard because our donation empowers the next generation of Howard visionaries and scholars; whose talents continue to shape a more just and inclusive world for us all. 

Black Business Association (BBA)
“The BBA remains committed to ensuring that African American and other diverse business owners benefit from their advocacy efforts to impact, improve and implement policy that improves access to contracting and procurement opportunities with the public and private sector, in addition to providing access to financial resources.”

We support the BBA because we know firsthand how important access to resources is for any Black owned business and we salute the BBA in their efforts to help increase equal access to wealth.


About AviZodi
AviZodi Inc is a Black-Woman-Owned Business that is proud to introduce the natural hair community to its patent pending hair stretching tools and accessories. Our hair stretching tools are your secret weapon to help you conquer the dreaded hair shrinkage and show off your natural curls in all their stretched and bouncy glory. With the varying levels of strength our small and large hair weights provide, our hair weights offer something for every kinky curly hair type. If you want a soft stretch or a long stretch, we have the perfect hair stretching tool for you. Visit www.AviZodi.com for more information.


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