AviZodi Hair Weights: Bands, Beads and Clips

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“What’s a hair weight and why do you use them?” I get asked this question whenever I talk about my company, AviZodi. So, I thought I would write this article to let everyone know all about our AviZodi hair weights.

The AviZodi hair weight is a hair stretching tool that provides a no heat, no perm, alternative to eliminating the dreaded hair shrinkage that many of us naturals struggle with. The hair weight is attached to damp or wet hair and when the hair is completely dry and after the hair weight is removed, the hair is left in a stretched state, which makes kinky and curly hair more manageable and easier to style and take care of. I personally use the hair weights as my flat iron substitute, and I love being able to let my natural hair flourish and shine without having to damage my hair like I was doing with the flat iron and perms.

AviZodi has created three unique styles for their hair weights which include the weighted hair clip, weighted hair band, and weighted hair bead. I will discuss the attributes of each of these styles in more detail below.  However, all three of these styles are available in two different strength level, the small and the large, which provides options for the users based on their hair type, texture, and the desired amount of stretch they want to achieve. Each of the three different styles are simple to use and provide visible results.

Hair Weights: The Weighted Hair Clip

The AviZodi weighted hair clips are very versatile as they can be clipped onto the hair twist or braid in multiple ways. You can wrap the ends of the hair around the clip itself or the body of the weight depending on the curl pattern you prefer. You can also simply clip the hair weight onto the hair and not wrap the hair around clip or weight at all.

Hair Weights: The Weighted Hair Band


The AviZodi weighted hair bands are very effective at creating a more polished curl pattern than the weighted hair clips as the bands are able to prevent the ends of the hair twists from frizzing due to the friction from the hair rubbing against the fabric of our clothes. The hair bands also tend to fall in a more vertical alignment when they are attached to the hair, unlike the hair clips that tend to fall in a more sporadic pattern. Both styles are effective tools to stretch natural kinky curly hair.

Hair Weights: The Weighted Hair Bead

The AviZodi weighted hair beads are simple to use as most people have experience with wearing regular beads and find these weighted hair beads to be familiar. The weighted hair beads don’t have the band to keep the hair from frizzing, but the larger size hair bead offers some frizz protection.


The AviZodi hair weights are a wonderful hair stretching tool to eliminate hair shrinkage and help you reclaim your length. If you have questions or want to know more, please submit your comment below.

About AviZodi
AviZodi Inc is a Black-Woman-Owned Business that is proud to introduce the natural hair community to its patent pending hair stretching tools and accessories. Our hair stretching tools are your secret weapon to help you conquer the dreaded hair shrinkage and show off your natural curls in all their stretched and bouncy glory. With the varying levels of strength our small and large hair weights provide, our hair weights offer something for every kinky curly hair type. If you want a soft stretch or a long stretch, we have the perfect hair stretching tool for you. Visit www.AviZodi.com for more information.


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